Mega Wire Game

Mega Wire Game Perfect game for adults and kids. Easy to use $35.00 day

Nacho Machine

Nacho machine includes cheese warmer $38.50 day

Bean Bag/Cornhole Game

Bean Bag-Corn hole $35.00 day

Bingo cage

Bingo cage with balls $27.50 includes 100 shutter cards

Bounce House Pirate

Pirate Bounce House 13’x13′ $164.00day MA. # I010000-02305

Bounce House Square

Bounce House Square 13’x13x10′ $164.00 day MA. #I009099-02304

Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountain ,sephra, $62.00 day chocolate in stock

Connect Four

Giant Connect 4 in a row $40.00 day

Cotton candy machine

Cotton candy machine $53.00 day supplies in stock

Dunk Tank

Dunk Tank $164.00 day *Must be towed

Electric Fryer

Electric 110volt Fryer $38.50 day

Foam Machine

Foam machine Kids will have a blast getting covered in foam,Must be used outdoors, Requires a garden hose connection, fill your yard/pool and have a blast **foam concentrate sold per pack @ $24.50 ea. Machine rent $49.00 day

Frame Game Bird toss

Frame Game Bird Toss $52.00 day

Frame Game Croc Toss

Frame Game Croc Toss $52.00 day

Frame game Zombies

Zap the Zombies $52.00 day

Frozen drink machine

Frozen drink machine 3gallon cap. $65.00 day

Helium tank rental

Helium tank rental fills 150 9″balloons $102.00 day

Hot Dog roller

Hot Dog roller $43.00 day

Hot Dog steamer

Hot dog steamer $43.00


Jenga 2′ Tabletop $20.00 day

Pony Hops

Pony Hops are fun for kids and adults Rental includes 4 Great for every event Bounce & Race $60.00 day per 4

Popcorn machine

Popcorn maker 6oz kettle tabletop $43.00 day supplies in stock

Popcorn machine

Popcorn maker 8oz kettle Stand mounted $76.00 day supplies in stock

Pork Chop Speedway

Pork chop pig race battery powered $50.00 day

Pretzel machine

Pretzel warmer $32.00 day

Propane Fryer

Propane fryer $55.00 day

Putting green

Portable putting green $40.00 day

Raffle Drums

Raffle drums Small $32.00 day Large $38.50 day

Roller Bowler

Roller bowler game $28.00

Sno cone machine

Sno cone machine $43.00 day supplies in stock

Spin Wheel 36" Money

Money Wheel 36″ $55.00 day

Spin Wheel 36"Horse

Horse Wheel 36″ $55.00 day

Spin Wheel 48" 1-10

Wheel 48″ 1-10 $55.00 day

Tug of War rope

Horse Wheel 36″ $55.00 day


Volleyball set $38.50 day

Water Slide 16'

Water Slide 16’h X 30’L X 12’W $220.00 day